Woodhouse May Ltd

Business Partnering

Trained as finance directors, we support businesses to look at things such as strategy, business planning, delivery of the plan, project management, leadership / team development, conflict resolution, organisation design, process improvement, problem resolution, individual coaching and group training as well as more traditional finance skills such as budgeting, management accounts, performance management, key performance indicators, bank funding etc.

We don’t do work we aren’t good at so have a strong network of folk that might be able to fill gaps, if needed.

We focus on looking forward and facilitate the realisation of ideas, rather than looking for reasons not to. Often having a sounding board that you trust to speak honestly and that you know wants to help make things happen as successfully as possible can make all the difference. We consider ourselves to be partners with ideas to support rather than experts that can provide the answer.

We might be sorting out the mess or gearing up for the future… sometimes a combination of both.
We learned our trade in blue chip organisations before turning to business owners, showing the power of selecting the best aspects from very large companies and applying it within the smaller organisations.

We can be engaged on a project by project basis, on a retainer or just by hours worked, whatever suits the client and the work we agree on.

Challenging the Finance Director Stereotype

And not just the finance director either but finance professionals in whatever role.
We are here to see if we can help you do the things you want to do, rather than dictating what you “need” or “should” do.

You are the expert in your business and markets; you are successful after all! We are the experts in what you might describe as “corporate” (although we don’t much like the word) processes. We sometimes forget but we own and run our own business too…and appreciate how brave you need to be at times.

We want to be looking forward, not backwards. Get the production of appropriate information as effective as we can then focus on the here and now, plan for the future and help you achieve your dreams for the business; find ways to remove barriers, not create them.

We love what we do and have the energy and drive to be in it with you; we certainly don’t just tell you what to do and walk away (we would hate that!). We help you get there with either some of the “doing” or by helping to build the capability of you and your teams.

The satisfaction in seeing a business thrive, where we have been fortunate enough to be a small part of that success, is why we’re doing this.

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