Winters Web

Winters_Web_274Your local WordPress experts!

Heard that one of the best ways to manage your website is to use WordPress, or you already have a WordPress based site?

We have a range of systems and services that will help you get the best out of this great business tool.

We have also built WordPress systems for the likes of ITV and The Downs Syndrome Association.

So is it expensive?

Getting Started:

Hosting with WordPress installed and ready for you to build your site on: £145 a year

Site builds including design from £1495

Keeping Safe:

Have a critical system? Patches and updates including plugin compatability £995 a year

Making sure everything is backed up

Always the last thing to think about until a problem occurs regular daily backups £365 a year

Have a business need or idea:

Bespoke building of WordPress plugins and systems to achieve your business goal or idea, from video to e-commerce, just talk to us and we will be happy to help.