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WEST LOGO BOX HR 274Using a HR consultant is a cost effective way of buying in HR knowledge and skills for small to medium sized businesses where an in-house resource would prove too expensive. Clients use us only when they need us rather than having an under-utilised senior HR practitioner or a more junior HR administrator out of their depth.

At West HR, we help SME employers with anything to do with employment. There’s a huge employment law framework in place and it’s not realistic for business owners and managers to know all of this, so we provide that expertise.

So who uses us? It tends to be businesses that do not warrant an in-house HR resource, typically 10-50 employees.

Businesses take on staff for tasks that cannot be mechanised. But the whole need for a human element brings challenges to employers. There’s the legal framework alongside meeting the varying needs of people to run an effective and efficient business.

Employees will inevitably have things in their lives at some point that can impact their performance. All people are different and two situations are rarely the same. A line manager has to deal with difficult employee situations on an ad hoc basis whereas we deal with a wide variety situations on an ongoing basis and have many, many years of experience. We are able to apply our experience and judgement to help employers manage these tricky scenarios.

With our help we can prevent employee distraction, management time, lost productivity and additional costs.

Our experience informs the advice, assistance and training we deliver
• Advice for the day to way guidance on people management
•  Assistance for particular issues recruitment, disciplinary, redundancy
• Training to enable managers to recognise and manage key issues and know when to escalate them

We are able to supply funded HR delivery via Growth Accelerator for management training and Growth Vouchers for HR planning.

Why West HR?

We deliver a personal service so we can get to know our clients well and meet their needs
No generic advice (or templates to complete!). We provide a tailored service with letters, scripts and other documentation populated with all the information that’s right for your business. Having a range of clients means we are adept at getting to know new clients quickly so we can provide the right advice for you.

We want to leave a legacy

Our interest is in supporting businesses and enabling the business and its people to learn and grow.

High Standards

We are client centric. The client will always be our first priority. As you need HR assistance we respond when you need us to – quickly.

Attention to detail is our thing! We pride ourselves in delivering documents to you that are right first time.

High Quality

• Chartered Member of the CIPD
•  Approved facilitator for CIPD Qualifications
• Growth Accelerator partner
•  Growth Voucher Partner
• Qualified in HR, training delivery, assessment, psychometric testing
•  Multi-sector, corporate and SME experience

Find out more

If you have an employment question, use our ‘Ask Us’ feature on our website, or give us a call to see how we can help.

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