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Everybody has the right to be their best selves. But getting there can be plagued by obstacles; busy lives, negative thoughts and family commitments to name just a few. At Wellbeing4Life we work with creativity, inspiration and passion, enabling you to access and unleash the tools you already have within you so you can live life to the full with happiness, health, joy and curiosity.

We understand how difficult it can be to learn the fundamentals of positive change in your own life. That’s why it is part of our offering to give you an honest and realistic service from which you will see genuine results. We’re not into fads! Real change lasts a lifetime and there is no ‘quick fix’. Our services offer holistic health benefits and are individualised to ensure that you receive an impactful and effective service tailored to your needs.

Wellbeing4Life exists because we know how it feels to experience exhaustion, stress and overwhelm. We’ve made it our mission to not just help you get through the day, but to help you rediscover that sense of fun, joy, enthusiasm and energy that mean you’re not just surviving, but are really LIVING your life! Sadly, for many people that isn’t the norm.

We’re two sisters who KNOW there’s a different way. We know it takes courage, creativity and motivation to do things differently. But we also know it’s worth it! Wellbeing4Life is here to help you be brave, to guide and motivate you and to give you the tips, tools and knowledge that will allow you to make changes.

Wellbeing4Life has four pillars of wellbeing:

Train4Life: Yes, exercise can be hard work. And yes, there’s always something else we could be doing with our time. But if you want to experience the benefits to your physical and mental wellbeing, time getting active is time well spent.

We know it’s hard to get motivated sometimes. But let us help you with that! Sometimes a regular slot in your diary and a bit of accountability are all that’s needed!

We offer a range of support packages whether you want to lose weight, feel more energised, improve your fitness levels or get toned.

Eat4Life: We love food and we’re not about deprivation or fad diets. Instead, we look at simple ways to introduce health-promoting food and drink, crowding out unhealthy options.

We focus on real foods that are quick and simple to prepare that will fit in with your busy life.

Programmes include nutritional coaching, pantry makeovers, home cook school and guided shopping trips.

Pause4Life: We’re all so busy these days it’s easy to feel we’re living life in the eye of the storm, dashing from one thing to the next. Days come and go in a whirlwind, and before we know it another year has passed us by.

With Pause4Life we invite you to step off the hamster wheel, take a deep breath and rediscover a sense of fun and joy in your life.

Programmes include wellbeing Days, Wellbeing Retreats, Laughter Yoga, Mindfulness and Health Coaching.

Workwell4Life: Does your workplace feel like a happy, energetic place to be, or is there an air of negativity and lethargy? What about staff sickness? Productivity? Stress levels? Retention? Is work-life balance suffering?

Work-Well4Life is here to inject a bit of spark back into the workplace and to ensure that people are committed and motivated because they feel supported and energised by their organisation’s commitment to staff wellbeing.

Programmes include Workplace Wellbeing Assessments, Leadership Wellbeing Programme, Employee Wellbeing and Team Building.




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