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Trust Insurance Group Services is an insurance consultancy based in the East Midlands and serving businesses nationally.

We specialise in working with our clients to ensure their business risks are understood and that their insurance policies are comprehensive, price competitive and adequate for their needs.

As you should expect from an insurance consultancy, we boast a wealth of experience, having worked for many years in the insurance sector.

But what sets us apart is that at Trust, it’s not actually about us, it’s all about our clients.

We cannot do our job properly unless we can fully understand our clients, their business and the risks associated with it.

We thrive on delivering a personalised service and feel we can only do so by meeting our clients in person, seeing their workplace in action, reviewing documentation as required and really getting a feel for their business.

Risk Review

Our complimentary Risk Review will highlight areas of a business that requires our particular attention and, as such, will allow us to develop a bespoke insurance policy that provides our clients with the cover they need.

When prospective clients first contact us, many are covered by generic insurance policies. In many cases, these policies are either not comprehensive enough or are indeed overcharging for unnecessary elements, which aren’t required.

That is why we at Trust Insurance Group take the time to get to know our clients. We do so by visiting them in their place of work to conduct a thorough Risk Review of their business, and this is what sets us apart from our competitors.

We will conduct an audit of both their insured and uninsured risks, which enables us to gain a thorough understanding of their business. It is this understanding that allows us to confidently create a bespoke insurance policy that is tailored to our clients’ needs.

Business Insurance

Trust Insurance Group offers a complete range of commercial business insurance services to help protect all aspects of a business, from general operational insurances to specialist cover such as Cyber Insurance. Peace of mind comes with having the best cover possible for any business and that is why our unique Risk Review is so important in order to understand your business thoroughly.

Please contact Stuart on the following:

07903 839683