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I’m Steve Edwards, a freelance photographer based in Nottingham. I’ve always had cameras and daft cars, if the cars weren’t daft enough when I bought them they certainly were after spending a little time with me. It was a natural progression to combine my two passions and I was first published in 2008. From there I began to contributing on an occasional basis until a change of lifestyle, I sold my American V8 and bought a VW Campervan. The launch of VW Bus T4& 5+ magazine, the UK’s best-selling VW title,  couldn’t have been better timed for me and I’ve been a freelance for them since Issue 2 providing them with a variety of van features, show reports and a regular cooking page. I’ve learnt to develop my skills over time and updated my equipment as necessary, I’ve also learned how to use Lightroom and Photoshop but am always finding ways to improve my images and techniques.
Although my niche is working with cars and vans, I don’t limit myself to that. I’ve worked with some local fashion designers shooting models and fashion shows and have covered various events around Nottingham. I have also developed my range of kit to allow me to shoot products that require a plain background.
If you’re looking for a photographer, I’d be happy to have a no obligation chat about your requirements over a coffee.

Contact – 07506998855

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