Sovereign IFA

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We are a small firm of Independent Financial Planners based in Thornbury, north Bristol, with clients across the south and west of the UK.

We provide tailored financial, retirement, mortgage and tax planning advice to business owners, directors, senior executives and professionals to help them join the dots between their money and their goals and aspirations, so that they can identify, achieve and maintain their desired lifestyle.

We call this “Money with a purpose” and our clients tell us that it provides them with confidence and clarity about where they are heading!

Typically, our clients are at or within 10 years of retirement. They have often already accumulated significant personal or business wealth but lack the time and/or expertise to create a financial plan and make informed decisions about the best way to use that wealth to achieve long term financial security for themselves during retirement and leave a legacy for those they care about.

Being truly independent, we have no obligations to any one provider of products, which means we’re able to offer the widest possible choice, great value for money and the highest quality personal service.

But we’re much more than just that. Trust and integrity are the foundations of our business; so are the relationships that we form with our clients. The best business is always between friends, and that’s what most of our clients are, friends, as likely to drop into our office for a chat as to talk finance.

We like it that way.

At Sovereign we are passionate about helping our clients to plan and prepare for the future and, once we have prepared your financial plan, providing the necessary advice and guidance to help you implement the correct strategies and solutions to reach your goals.

However, until we know about you and what you are trying to achieve we’ve no right to talk about your money or to tell you what to do with it! Our ethos is very much about focusing on you, your financial goals and aspirations, not on what products you have or haven’t got!

We offer our prospective clients an initial meeting or discussion at our expense. This exploratory conversation is designed to help you understand how we can help you and what we might charge you for any work that we undertake on your behalf so that you can make an informed decision about whether to appoint us.

If appropriate, and with your permission, we prefer to work closely with other professionals including your accountant and solicitor to ensure that your financial affairs are managed in a joined up manner.

Our highly qualified and experienced advisers each works with just 80 to 100 clients to ensure that we can consistently meet their advice needs and expectations and we are known for providing an outstanding client experience which results in almost all our clients coming to us via referrals from other clients and other local professionals.

We are proud of the ethos culture and values that drive our business and of the fantastic feedback we get from the clients we work with about the quality of advice and personal friendly service we deliver.