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Ricky has a true passion for motivating, supporting and educating people on how simple achieving any health and fitness goal can be. Diet and fitness are two of the most over complicated topics in the world. The secret is to pick a solution you enjoy and that can be sustained with your lifestyle. Ricky has experience delivering health and fitness education to the UK’s largest health club chains and to other fitness professionals. In turn, this enabled him to set up his own personal training studio (Rb5) in 2014 based in Nottingham. Following on from the success of Rb5 Personal Training and employing 5 staff members, he setup The Holistic Hub Nottingham. Nottingham’s first Aerial yoga and Hot Yoga Studio. His true talent is to be able to coach the general population how changing their mind-set towards living a healthy lifestyle and incorporating these changes into their everyday lives such as the workplace, home and the gym. This can make a huge impact on the way they look, feel and think.

Rb5 Personal Training and The Holistic Hub Nottingham can offer the following:

  • Corporate Memberships
  • Public Speaking and Seminars in the workplace
  • Group Personal Training
  • Large Group Training
  • Private Sessions for individuals or groups.
  • Nutritional Support and Advice

The importance of living an active and healthy lifestyle can not only transform your body but it can transform a workplace and the environment around you.

Fitness and nutrition should be PERSONAL … not a one size fits all solution.


For any enquiries please contact Ricky:

Email – ricky@rb-5.com

Mobile – 07802883149