Press For Attention PR

Press_For_AttentionNewLogo 274Pretty much every company website has been written to convey corporate image and that is all. There is no personality, no opinion and no insight into who you are dealing with. If you met me in the street and asked me my opinion or for advice on PR, I’d tell you straight.

You don’t really want to know about my history do you? (well, maybe a bit?) Surely you want to know how I can help you with your future?

OK. Just in case you REALLY crave some background, here’s a quick snapshot:

I founded Press For Attention PR having spent the last decade announcing business news to the regional and national press. I have worked for FTSE 100 firms, charities and start-ups and conducted press conferences with Sir Richard Branson and James Caan.

Prior to setting up Press For Attention PR in 2008, I worked in a large Nottingham agency and before that a major Birmingham agency. Those roles were a sideways step at the time, away from my position as an in-house marketing manager for a £30m turnover business and before that a stint as a business journalist.

However, what this variety has given me is a deeper understanding of every facet of a successful PR campaign – from a journalist’s, client’s and consultant’s perspective.

Why not let me bring that experience to your campaign?