Pragmatism (UK) Ltd

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Who we are and what we do


We’re passionate about employee relations. We help leaders to work effectively with employees and vice versa.

Whilst we’re qualified in HR and many other things, what makes us different is our breadth and depth of real-life experience. From leading operations in manufacturing plants to working on the shop floor, we have decades of practical people leadership experience – from every angle.

We offer expertise in immediate solutions such as dispute resolution and mediation, plus more proactive interventions including leadership development, coaching and mentoring.

Pete Colby (Director)

Over 30 years in industry I’ve managed factories with highly demanding customers and challenging Trade Unions. I’ve worked from the ‘coal-face’ on shop floors through to executive level in HR for global blue-chip organisations. I’ve dealt with most people-related challenges from various angles.

I’m not a ‘theory consultant’ – if you want theory just ask google. I’m passionate about helping people to truly understand each other and engage effectively. This doesn’t mean being ‘soft’ – it means being direct, honest, fair and pragmatic. No two situations are the same when it comes to people, so effective leadership is key. I don’t avoid difficult conversations – they’re important.

I believe in tackling root cause. In my experience people issues are usually leadership related – whether it’s tools and techniques or the ability to communicate, listen and engage effectively. ‘Engagement’ is a bit of a modern-day buzzword, but when it’s done well the results can be incredible – I’ve seen it so many times.

For me qualifications are secondary to experience, but just to assure you I have a Master’s Degree (MSc) in Strategic HR, distinctions in Employment Law, I’m a qualified and registered Mediator (Civil, Commercial and Workplace) and I’m a Fellow of the CIPD (FCIPD).

I called my company Pragmatism as it sums us up – it’s our ethos – we will never take a purely theoretical approach. We can and do practice, but we don’t preach. We use our experience to develop accountable and capable leaders. We know how tough and frustrating managing people can be, but also how rewarding it is when you become a true leader.

I’m also a big believer in having fun – occasionally it’s not appropriate to have a laugh, but the majority of the time it is. We all spend too much time at work, so the least we can do is have a bit of fun along the way.

Contact – 07500 831181 or email