Owzat Cricket

owzatLogo 274Owzat-Cricket was formed from Mitchell Sports about 12 years ago when the increase in major sports shops was obvious and the taking over of the high street. I recognised the only survival chance we had was to specialise in a sport I had a general love and passion for!

We are now recognised as one of the UK’s major retailers in this field and also service a website regarded by many as a brand leader www.owzat-cricket.co.uk

Mitchell Sports was started in 1990 as a general sport shop in South Normanton, however with an increase in the likes of the major sports shops, a specialised cricket shop Owzat was created.

This today, thrives as one of the major shops of its type in the UK

The wholesale department is still in full operation , we buy sports clearance from major worldwide brands in footwear,apparel and equipment and wholesale it out to discount groups, major online retailers and shops all over Europe and even further afield.

A website www.mitchellsportswholesale.co.uk is also used as a selling tool to our ever increasing customer base.