McCracken Consultancy

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Charity and non-profit sector consultant. 

Social business and corporate social responsibility consultancy.

Charities & Schools

McCracken Consultancy brings fresh thinking, focus and development to build financial strength, define and project an effective brand, and enable clients to adapt to a changing environment.

Natasha McCracken has many years’ experience in the private sector mainly in strategic marketing, customer profiling, branding and sales systems development in multi-national organisations, prior to moving into the third sector, where she achieved award-winning organisational turnaround ‘from the inside’.  She maintains strong ties to the private sector including working with private sector clients to the benefit of all her clients.  It is the cross-sector experience that marks her out, often bridging the gap in communications and culture enabling her to bring commercial practices and initiatives to the non-profit sector with a level of understanding to form excellent collaborative relationships.

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The consultancy helps remove barriers to success looking for ways to improve information systems, bring clarity and agility to decision-making, improve teamwork and discover new ways of working.  Projects often include thinking ‘out of the box’ to create new income streams such as commercial services; the organisation works collaboratively to find and deliver these streams.

Natasha has also been a Vice-Chair of governors for a secondary school during a period of change, joining the school board to save it from potential closure.  She was also a secondary school teacher for two years, and is passionate about education; many of her clients provide education, training, or ‘life-chances’ services for all groups in society.  Natasha enjoys training.

Social enterprises and Social businesses

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Natasha works with organisations that sell their services commercially but have a clear socially beneficial element in their business offering, for example businesses that are allied to the arts, education, the environment, heritage or welfare.  Such organisations often have important choices as to how to develop structurally and strategically, such that they can, for example, maximise future funding opportunities or enable them to fully access the audiences they wish to.  Natasha is ideally placed for this specialist role.

Private-sector businesses – Corporate Social Responsibility

McCracken Consultancy works with private-sector businesses of all sizes to enable them to fully appreciate their current positive social impact, consider how to enhance this, and how to communicate their impact to the outside world.  ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ is a phrase that often sounds inaccessible to the SME with limited budget and human resource. Natasha works with SMEs to show them how altering the way they work can make a significant positive difference without damaging their bottom line, and how, in practice, this can improve employee satisfaction and strengthen their brand.

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