Matt Lyons Consulting

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Matt Lyons Consulting is an innovation and design management consultancy that helps businesses ‘do design’ and innovation better than they do it now.

Specialising in customer journey, design management, innovation & design processes, and training we use design to deliver amazing results for business.

We principally work with retailers and brands, but can support any business who need help with design and innovation. We transform business strategies, processes, products and customer experiences using design

Why do we do this?

We believe that good design is neglected as a strategic business tool and so are dedicated to promoting the benefits that good design can bring to your business.

But the results that design achieves are what businesses need to pay attention too!

There is the science of design in how people interact with retail design which increases dwell time and sales … there’s the enabling nature of design thinking which makes helps teams behave more innovatively …

and there’s the process of design which delivers what you wanted, at the cost you wanted, on time and to delighted customers and clients.

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Mobile +44 (0)7969 190169

Landline: 0115 7351545