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Matt Lyons Consulting is Design Management consultancy that helps businesses use design and innovation more effectively.

Design Management is the term given to the organisation of the process for developing innovation in any industry. Strategic innovation doesn’t just happen, Design Management enables design to be used effectively, developing new products, services or customer experiences which deliver strategically for the business.

Our service breaks down into three key stages: Managing the Design Strategy, Managing the Design Process and Managing the Design Implementation.

The Design Strategy is where innovation is conceived.​​

By the engagement of design thinking and other innovation tools in developing an organisation’s strategy, we identify the opportunities for design to add value.

The Design Process is where innovation is developed.​

A design process is how the design strategy becomes a reality.  We make it possible to successfully lead design agendas, innovation projects and strategic possibilities, through the use of effective design processes and methodologies.

Design Implementation is where innovation is delivered.

Design implementation is the bringing together of the design strategy and process into the delivery of the design project. We take responsibility for successfully leading the design project from end to end, from the design brief to the project completion

Our history is with retailers and brands, but we can support any business who realises the strategic advantage offered by using design. We can transform business strategies, processes, products and customer experiences using design.

Why do we do this?

We believe that good design is neglected as a strategic business tool and so are dedicated to promoting the benefits that good design can bring to your business.

Please get in touch for a no-obligation discussion about how design can help your business.




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