Integra Communications

integra_colour_LogoIntegra Communications handles public relations, public affairs and media communications for clients across the manufacturing, innovation, education, recruitment, healthcare and bioscience sectors.

Based in Nottingham’s Creative Quarter, Integra works closely with journalists in print, broadcast and online channels to ensure a public understanding of clients’ work, expertise and successes.

Clients can work with Integra at a number of levels:

Integra PR Clinic – a free 1-2-1 session with Director Louise Third in BioCity Nottingham

Integra PR mentoring – a 6-monthly guide to handling your own PR

Integra News Service – one-off distribution of your news release.

Integra PR Support – monthly PR management service to direct your press work and provide media contacts

Integra Full PR Service – minimum six-month contract to handle the design, planning, execution and monitoring of your PR communications plan.

Integra Podcast Service – the creation of audio clips for use online from interviews recorded at the studio in BioCity Nottingham.

The name Integra is intended to describe our three key objectives in client relationships:

Integrated – we understand that communications and particularly media work is only part of an overall sales and marketing effort. We ensure that communications plans are properly integrated into our clients’ overall marketing and business planning.

Integral – we aim to work closely with our clients to the point at which our service is seen as integral to their own overall management team;

Integrity – it is our policy to recommend the use of marketing tools which are the best and most cost effective at delivering clients’ objectives. We will not recommend grandiose communications programmes where simpler ones would be just as effective and we will not opt for the easy solution if a tougher choice can be of more benefit in the end.

Integra Communications operates with a core team of account managers who each have personal responsibility for a client group. As required, account executives are added to the team on either a permanent or a freelance basis.

Louise Third
Louise Third
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Andrew Third