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We offer lead generation & sales growth programs and services, to enable businesses to achieve and maintain effective, and efficient, sales processes that produce quality leads and clients. Our sustainable sales growth program reduces dramatically the possibility of business failures, provides a less stressful working environment for owners and directors which then improves their work / home balance and quality of life.

Our target market are micro-business and SME’s. With our systems, experiences and skill sets we can operate in almost any sectors. Our ideal clients are either;

  1. businesses who want to achieve and maintain a sustainable flow of leads and clients.
  2. businesses who understand the benefits of outsourcing parts or all their sales processes.

We have excellent teams of people with high skill sets working with us and an extensive list of selected service providers. We offer a fantastic business growth development training program (Entrepreneurs Tool Kit, which is an internationally recognise qualification) designed by the Coventry and Warwickshire LEP Growth Hub which can be operated remotely. We support our clients to source government business growth grants & other related grants. We also offer flexible low interest loans to support their growth strategy.

We start engaging with our clients by spending time to understand their sales needs, vision, exit strategy etc. We will create a sales growth strategy or a full business plan, which will include market research etc. Once the plan is approved, we will engage in the implementation stage, followed by regular reviews. The overall objective is for the revenues from the new sales growth to subsidise the cost of the sales strategy.

We organise weekly, monthly or quarterly one2one meetings with our clients to discuss growth and other business issues, that they may have, so, they will ‘never feel alone’. Being on top is ‘lonely’ but with Glyvolution it does not have to be. We are available on the phone and with remote conferences, to maintain up-to-date communications with our client’s team(s), to encourage innovation, creative thinking and to review / readjust results. We also offer an advance communications system; the Darwin Matrix System (Create, Collaborate, Innovate.

Our fees are based on our clients’ needs and on the projected results. For micro-business we can start the process at a few hundred pound per month.


P: (+44)01522 519197  M: 07943259017