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logo-tabs2015-smallertabs® – shifting your workforce the smart way

What is tabs®?

tabs® stands for temporary assignment booking system. It is a multi-award winning, simple to use yet powerful mobile solution enabling live, dynamic and fully automated staff deployment for businesses that employ, or agencies that use shift, contract, freelance and temporary workers. It is also featured on the UK Government’s G-Cloud 7 portal.

tabs® utilises smart and mobile phone technology through a dedicated app and web portal that is entirely customisable and scalable for every business or agency. Once in place it can be managed by your own in-house IT team or by us via a pay per user monthly subscription.

tabs® is more than just an app; it is a complete end-to-end technology platform that will enable you to save time and money, increasing productivity, growth and adding value to organisations and recruitment agencies around the world.

tabs® is ideal for any business or public sector service that employs shift workers, whether they are contractors or freelancers, temporary or full time staff, on site or in the field. It works around the clock and across multi-site locations, locally and globally, and is entirely scalable to your business or services’ needs

Businesses that would benefit from using tabs® are:
* Recruitment agencies that manage large temporary workforce and vendor neutral contracts
* Retailers with large multi-site operations
* Logistics companies with varied contractors and shift based staff
* Manufacturing and production plants with varied shift and production patterns
* The building industry with contractors and seasonal temporary workers
* Catering, hospitality and event management companies and agencies
* The health and social care sector including all types of medical and care staff
* Local government services who manage all types of contractors
* Council departments such as social services, environmental services and education
* Police forces and probation services who manage special constables and duty solicitors
* Tele-communications, media and call centres

What does tabs® do?
Via web and mobile application technology, tabs® enables:
* Send multiple jobs alerts and push notifications in just a few clicks
* Geo-location search for real time availability
* 24/7 issuing of live job or shift requests and assignments
* Fully automated booking, rostering, acceptance, timesheet sign off and approval
* Client billing, freelancer invoicing and payroll management
* Submission, verification and approval of compliance documents
* Evaluation tools to rate temporary staff or contractors
* Deploys workforce across multiple sites and territories on a global scale
* Provides route and travel planners in all major cities globally
* Social media integration across all channels to encourage candidate registration

For more information on TABS and how we can revolutionise your assignment bookings, or to organise a demo please reach out to Catena member or by phone 07968 345721