Fill the Gap Marketing Ltd

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Your freelance marketing team: available on demand, to help you to grow your business.

The other day, a client said to me, “You do all the marketing things that I never got around to doing”.  To be honest, I hear this kind of thing a lot.  Many of us put off doing our own ‘stuff’, in favour of looking after our clients.  The only problem with this is that, well, your company won’t grow itself.  Well probably not by enough.

That’s where we come in.  We fill the gap you have.

We can research, write and implement your marketing plan.  We can act as your social media manager.  We can write your blogs, send your emails, follow them up.  Create direct mail (I do love a bit of direct mail).

We can print your letterheads, design your brochures or build you a new website.  Whatever marketing help you need.

Specialising in business to business marketing . . . put simply, we make your marketing happen.  We get it done, you get results.

A team of qualified and experienced individuals, our customers see us as an extension of their own team. . . and we feel that way too.  We care about your business.  We care about your clients and helping you to win more.  We always do what we say we will do.

Most of our relationships start with a complimentary marketing consultation which we carry out at our expense.  We extend an invitation to take advantage of this to Catena members – there is no obligation and we guarantee you will take something useful away from the meeting that will help you to grow your business (and I mean some ideas and advice, not just the free pen we will give you!).

Please . . . if you have a customer, supplier or mate down the pub who would like some help to grow their business, please ask them to drop me a line:

or call 01158 556277