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Elite MI Limited

We are management information specialists that service SME businesses.

What is Management Information?

MI is how your business is represented in numbers. Financial information is key to understanding how you perform, how efficient you are and how the business is structured.

Do you know your business in numbers?

For the next 12 months:

What net profit do you expect?

What are your break-even sales?

What will your gross margin run at?

What working capital will you require and how have you arrived at that figure?

These four questions are the basics of your business so if you cannot answer at least one of them you are not using management information correctly and therefore cannot plan your business effectively. Even if you do know the basics you must ensure that you stay on top of your numbers.

How will accurate MI benefit your business?

By ensuring that your financials are up to date, accurate and most importantly viewed in their proper context you can plan forward and model your business. Potential problems can be spotted ahead of time so that you can plan accordingly and act rather than be completely reactive. You can also start to see how your business could be valued as it grows.

Every business, no matter what the size, must have effective financial controls and processes and when management information is used properly it is a hugely valuable tool.

How do you know what MI to produce?

The first step is to establish the current state of your business, so we do a financial review. To carry out this review we will need full access to your financial and accounting records. We will then talk through what we have found and suggest anything that we think will benefit you.

We never charge for this initial review as it’s mainly for our benefit so that we can be confident that any proposal we put to you will be of value.

What MI can you expect to have?

Our core work is in the following areas:

  • monthly accounts
  • cash flow management
  • margin analysis
  • budgeting and forecasting
  • KPI’s
  • business plans
  • identifying financing and working capital issues

We will also look at specific reports that are bespoke to your business, your stage of growth and the sector that you operate in.

Why are Elite MI different to other accountants?

Because of how we work and what we do. Firstly, everything we do is on site in your business, we only work remotely if necessary. Secondly, we only do work that is geared towards improving the numbers in your business. Unlike most accountancy firms, we do not do compliance or tax work which means that we can specialise in helping our clients grow. It also means that because a business does not have to (legally) utilise our service we must be very good at what we do. To rely on fees from purely non-compliance work makes us rare in the accounting profession.

Please contact: steve.bull@elitemi.co.uk  or 07940 982060