Chat Heroes

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Chat Heroes is one of the leading ‘live manned’ web chat providers based in the UK today. The two key aspects that enhance the service beyond others are:

  • A measurable and attractive ‘bundle of chats’ pricing model
  • Professional customer service orientated chat, along with effective lead generation, makes the service profitable but also provides quality protection for brand conscious clients. This is elevated further by an award-winning and easy to use Frequently Asked Questions system built exclusively by and for Chat Heroes.

Key points regarding our service:

  • We aim to respond to visitors who interact with us, usually within 30 seconds.
  • In our model our average chat duration is 4 minutes, elevating the quality customer service orientated experience even further.
  • We are open when you are closed – 9am until 10pm weekdays and 9am until 7pm weekends/Bank Holidays, 364 days a year.
  • We work on a 30-day rolling contract, nil tie-in basis for up to 1,000 web chats a month; then a contract is put in place for specific teams of agents for sectors/clients.

Even with low website traffic our rate of return is so high our clients see a profitable, quality service hence the famous institutions who trust our service who have regularly rejected ‘pay-per-lead’ web chat models in the past.

Chat Heroes sole objective is to be ‘the leading live manned web chat provider in the UK ‘whereby our clients’ website visitors actually believe that they are talking to internal client trained staff all day every day. That objective is fast becoming a reality.

Chat Heroes
Town Hall Chambers
High Street
NE28 7AT
Tel: 0191 500 9788