CE Security

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CE Security Ltd provides a complete range of professional security services to include manned guarding, key holding, alarm response, lock/unlock, mobile patrols, CCTV remote monitoring, car park management and cyber security solutions.

We are a well-established security services provider, with over 13 years’ experience and contracted by many of the UK’s leading companies and public institutions. We provide trusted, cost-effective solutions, tailor-made to meet our clients’ needs.

Providing businesses in the UK with the highest standards of security services

CE Security offers expertise, experience and dependability, and then we go further by presenting a positive face to our work. This philosophy extends to every member of the CE Security team, including our security officers on the ground, right through to our operational and office based staff. CE Security provides extensive training on how to interact with people in a positive and professional manner. Our personnel are trained to recognise threats and aim to minimise any subsequent impact. This reflects extremely positively on all our clients’ businesses.

Top 30 of UK Security Companies

We have built an impressive client base covering every key industry. We are well regarded by others in the security industry and our brand continues to grow to meet the needs of this constantly evolving sector. Now being placed in the top 30 of UK companies within the Regulated Security Sector list with Infologue for 2016, we are categorised as one of the largest companies within the manned security industry.

Source: http://www.infologue.com/news/infologue-com-top-30-uk-companies-in-the-regulated-security-sector-2016/

Our ACS Scoring

CE Security is a member of the Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS), operated by the UK’s Security Industry Authority. This scheme aims to raise performance and quality standards within the private security sector. In November 2016, we were awarded a score of 167 points, ranking us in the top 2% of all registered ACS providers in the UK.

Adapting with the Economy

The ever growing UK economy affects all of our customers in many different ways. To help combat the ever changing financial implications, CE Security maintains the highest levels of services whilst exploring all opportunities for reducing the financial implications to our customers by constantly evolving and assessing our customers’ needs and requirements. We regularly undertake risk and value assessments and look at how technology and other solutions can make our services more efficient, competitive and financially secure.

Harminder Rai-Mottram
Head of Business Development
Mob: 07816 239845
Email: Harminder.rai-mottram@ce-security.com
Website: www.ce-security.com