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Boccia England is a registered charity dedicated to improving the physical and emotional well-being of children, young people & adults with disabilities through the sport of boccia.

Boccia (pronounced ‘bot-cha’) is a target ball sport which tests both muscle control and accuracy. It is the only Paralympic sport with no Olympic equivalent and was originally designed for athletes with severe impairments affecting all four limbs. From a seated position, athletes throw, kick or use a ramp to propel a ball onto the court with the aim of getting closest to the white ‘jack’ ball. Athletes can either play individually, in pairs or in a team of three.

To watch a short video of how to play boccia, please click on this link:

As the National Governing Body (NGB) for boccia, we are responsible for all aspects of the sport in England, from beginner to elite, providing all levels of participation. We provide a pan-disability boccia league, a schools’ league and competition, regional and national competitions, training courses, academies and a club development programme.

Living with a disability is known to increase the chances of experiencing mental health problems such as depression, leading to feelings of isolation. Evidence shows there is a link between physical activity and mental health helping people with mild depression and protecting against anxiety. Physical activity promotes a positive change in our mood and brings about greater self-esteem which is key for boccia players who may find significant barriers to participation in most other sports. New support networks are created via boccia clubs, events and competitions where individuals feel more comfortable in themselves and can speak to others who understand their daily challenges. Informal support networks are also created for the players’ families and life-long friendships are regularly formed.

We are in a unique position where we can reach sectors of the population that no other sport can, tackling inactivity & social isolation and helping more people regularly and meaningfully engage with sport and physical activity.

To find out more about our work and how you can help make a difference, please contact Vanessa Riley on 07746 862051 or email