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Here at Blowfish, our reputation is built upon delivering high quality professional financial advice.

Blowfish has built a reputation for delivering professional advice where clients’ requirements are central to everything we do. We achieve this by gaining a thorough understanding of their current situation and also an appreciation of their future aspirations. This can only be achieved by face to face meetings, agreeing on a course of action that is both realistic and sensible thereby helping us to deliver on our promises.

Our services:

Savings & Investments

Creating and maintaining the right investment strategy plays a vital role in securing the financial future. Whether looking to invest for income or growth, we can provide advice on a range of comprehensive solutions and ongoing service.


We are passionate about ensuring our clients get the retirement they deserve. Pension planning can daunting with an array of different terminologies ranging from Stakeholder, Personal Pensions and Self Invested Personal Pensions (SIPPs).  The same can be said when taking benefits. Our advisers can discuss these and recommend what is the most appropriate.


There can be many reasons for the need for the right protection; from ensuring that loved ones don’t suffer financially in the event of death, that liabilities are covered should a critical illness be diagnosed and that income is covered if off work through long-term illness.  We can calculate the amount of cover required and help ensure that should the unexpected happen the family will also not suffer financially.


There are many choices: different rates over different time periods, different ways to pay. Tiny variations in terms can potentially have a big impact on spending power and lifestyle.

We advise on the majority of ‘High Street’ lenders. Through our standing in the industry, we can also access mortgages not generally available to the public.

Inheritance Tax Planning

Having worked hard to create a better future, the last thing people expect is the government to tax them on death before the family receive what they are entitled to.  There are ways to reduce this potential tax liability with some forward planning.  We help clients pass more of the wealth to clients’ families.

Corporate Advice

At Blowfish we work with businesses offering advice on many areas including; designing a pension for staff that meets the requirements of the Pensions Regulator, helping ensure the business can survive should a director or Key Person die or suffer a major illness and tax efficient ways to extract capital from the business.

Long-Term Care Planning

With people living longer, more families are seeing loved ones having to sell their home or spend their savings to fund the final years of their life, with all the stress and heartache that this brings to their nearest and dearest.

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