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For over 30 years I have been helping businesses, small and large with their vision for growing their business. One thing is for sure – the principles of business haven’t changed in 100 years. Find a prospect and nurture them until they want to buy one of your excellent products or service. Show you love them for buying that product and keep on doing it again and again, hopefully making a profit each time.

However, the way we communicate our messages has definitely changed. Everybody still has a telephone but it doesn’t seem to ring as much these days. Why, because we use mobiles, email, text messages, facebook, twitter and the list goes on. ‘Google it’ has become a standard everyday phrase. Now there’s a good chance that the ‘prospect’ has already researched your services even before you’ve met.

When it comes to consumer trust, online reviews come second only to personal introductions, when it comes to customers’ preferences on deciding who they do business with. Do you know what customers are saying about you online?

The team at Adodo stand ready willing and able to help you grow your business through effective communication. After our initial consultation we’ll come up with a simple strategy to get you more customers. It will be based on the 4R’s of Reputation, Reach, Resell and Referral.

We like working with companies who take action, so why not take our Visibility Challenge by clicking here now. You’ll receive a complimentary visibility grader, scoring you on various elements. You may be surprised.

Hope to see you soon. If you need to speak to us urgently then call 0800 849 3333 and ask for me personally.

Tim Glynn
Managing Director