2017 season approaches

Sam steps up and misses out

With the 2017 season fast approaching, 22 year old Sam Randon has had to accept he won’t have the funding in place to continue his dream and compete a full season of the UK Clio Cup, missing out on the first few rounds of the championship.

After four successful years in the feeder series, the Michelin Clio Cup Series, racing a generation 3 race prepared Renault Clio, the Derby youngster had planned to make the next step in his racing career and race the generation 4 Clio in front of TV cameras as part of the prestigious British Touring Car Championship race weekends.

We’ve been working hard to find new sponsors during the winter and are still talking to several interested parties, but with only 2 weeks to go until the season kicks off, we have had to accept that we won’t be able to fund a full season.
said Sam.
I haven’t given up on the dream and will definitely be on the track for several of the races later this year.

Father Neil explained “It’s not the end of the world as a typical campaign to reach success at this level would be for 3 years and Sam is still quite young so we have plenty of time“.

But lack of track time will put Sam at a disadvantage and this championship is already incredibly competitive so it makes the challenge even bigger for him, but Sam is determined this is where he wants to be so watch this space!”

Sam and Neil hosted a local ‘Marketing Derby’ business event at Donington Park Grand Prix museum and even had the race car on display (courtesy of Westbourne Motorsport) for guests to try out for size. There was a great turnout despite storm Doris!
Sam has also been out testing the generation 4 machine during the winter and fell in love with the car.
The gen 4 is turbo-charged so gets out of the slow corners very quickly, but it was the brakes I loved. With no serv assistance I could jump on the brakes just like a go-kart!” he said.

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